Best iPad Apps Roundup

So now that both the iPad and the iPad 3G are out, I thought I would post a roundup of the best iPad apps out there that I’ve found.  I know there is a lot of curiosity around the potential of the iPad and its interface.  I would love to hear from other people what

How to build a WordPress HTML5 theme

iPhone, iPad, video HTML5 deployment, Webkit, Chrome, Safari, web standards, canvas elements, and disappearing flash support.  These are just a few of the many reasons to explore HTML5 and its capability.  Add WordPress, a very customizable system that allows skinning of the underpinning code in order to achieve the desired result and you get a

Custom HTML5 WordPress Skin Released!

I just released my custom HTML5 WordPress skin, and it is a relief to get back to being able to post after working on this. Over the course of working on this I found many new HTML5 tidbits that really help us struggling web developers. Over the next week I plan on highlighting some of

Microformats and SEO

For a long time search engines have been making sense of a web development approach that doesn’t incorporate consistent markup for consistent items. Search engines have managed to do a great job with this, however, now we have the advantage of microformats and other Rich Snippets. With microformats we can make both machine readable and

My new blog mock in HTML5

So this week I discovered ( I know lots of people say, don’t trust the opinions of random people out there but at the same time, that is the internet constituency hitting my site. It is good to have some opinions from a diverse set of people. I loved the opinions that I have

Setting up an iPhone WordPress Plugin

After I setup the iPhone version of my blog a lot of people were asking me how to do it. Truth is the plugin I’m using makes it extremely easy. Even if you host your own WordPress blog it’s easy to add the WPtouch plugin and get your site iPhone enabled. From your admin console

CSS Vertical Text

Many people have written about the potential for vertical text in CSS so I wanted to try it out for myself. By using the technique described below I was able to achieve this effect: *Disclaimer: This doesn’t work in old Opera versions, but does work in Opera 10.5. This also works in IE6+, FF, and

Pure CSS3 Rounded Corners Slideshow

Be sure to view this example in SAFARI or CHROME. CSS3 and HTML5 are presenting some exciting opportunities for the future.  So I set out to test some of the features that are emerging.  The ability to do rounded corners and shadows has been around for awhile. With CSS3 it’s such a pleasure to be

When is it time to drop Internet Explorer?

After reading the recent posts on Microsoft’s Developer’s Network pertaining to Internet Explorer I am more discouraged than ever.  IE9 finally does support rounded corners but what’s disappointing is how long it has taken them to get there.  The IE9 acid 3 test is 32/100 and it’s not even out yet.  Firefox is 94/100, Safari

Real Estate Agent 2.0

This is my advice to the real estate agents of the future, some of these ideas came from a great book What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis. Would love to hear others thoughts on the matter. PageRank: “PageRank” is what your partner was referring too, perhaps inadvertently, for improving your sites standing on the