Custom HTML5 WordPress Skin Released!

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I just released my custom HTML5 WordPress skin, and it is a relief to get back to being able to post after working on this. Over the course of working on this I found many new HTML5 tidbits that really help us struggling web developers.

Over the next week I plan on highlighting some of the tech I used so keep an eye out for the next post. Some cool stuff to mention:

  • New Form Fields that preset iPhone and iPad entry according to field type.
  • New search field capability supported in Safari.
  • Only 8 images required to make the whole site, rest done with CSS3 gradients and rounded corners
  • Google Chrome Frame Support, making the web faster and removing IE 1 user at a time.
  • Google hosted code fix for IE
  • New tags such as section, article
  • Added microformat support
  • And many more, stay tuned..
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2 thoughts on “Custom HTML5 WordPress Skin Released!”

  1. Can we download your theme? It sounds really well done and I would love to get a better understand of the code.

    1. Matt, I’m glad you like my theme! I’ll consider positing it, currently it is fairly custom, but the framework I outlined would still apply.

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