Top Life Hacks of 2014

Fancy Hands Fancy Hands is an incredible service for saving time. Use them to schedule appointments, research, or do other tasks so that you can focus on what you need to do. Do you get a haircut? You can schedule a recurring task for them to book a haircut for you at whatever frequency you

Handling High-Resolution Screens on the Web

Retina Screen, High Resolution Web

A lot has changed recently with the development of more and more high resolution and retina screen devices. We as web developers need to make sure we stay equipped to present the best possible option for the device. In that vain, here is a quick code snippet that demonstrates how to handle high resolution raster Markup of a SERP / Product Listing SERP

Microdata is great but, how do you use Google rich snippets to add multiple products to a single page? recently released their product example markup.  This gave me a chance to create the ideal markup of a SERP using markup.  Check it out here. Microdata is evolving with the support of major companies.

Using Pinterest with FancyBox


What is the most obvious use of social for a photo browser? Well, pinterest of course. With it’s emerging social applications pinterest, the online scrapbooking tool has great implications when integrated with photo browsing tools. The “pin it” button has the ability to pin any photos to any of your boards and it has great

Five Tennis Tips for Your Own Career


Recently watching some great tennis players, who were also board members of, I was reminded of some great corollaries of tennis to web development and to a career.  Here are five tips that are born from tennis but apply to a great many fields.  These tips that I elaborate on were originally published in

Coverflow using CSS 3D Transforms


As HTML5 and CSS3 technology grows, WebKit CSS 3D transforms are emerging and allowing web developers to do some great things within the browser. To exemplify this, I’ve put together a CSS coverflow demo that functions inside the browser using CSS 3D transformations, reflections, multiple background attachments, and touch events. View the Demo (best in

QR Generator


A QR Code is a two-dimensional code, readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. Text, Data, and most importantly URLs can be encoded onto these codes. QR codes are growing in popularity.  As I work on a post outlining the features, pitfalls, when to use, and when not to use, I

Why JavaScript Pop Ups are Evil


For over a decade of website design, Pop-Ups have been finding their way onto websites of all kinds. Anything from the giant click here flashing button that pops up a new window to embedded aggressive pop ups with questionable means have forced us users to constantly hit the close button. I have to admit, I

Internet Explorer 6 and the Universal Stylesheet

Anyone who has done any website development in the last decade knows the web developers worst enemy.  It’s a browser plagued by security Issues, compatibility problems, poor build efficiency, and slow render times.  It’s a browser that came out 9 years ago but just hasn’t fully gone away.  Yes, you guessed it, it’s Internet Explorer

IE 9 and the Future of Web Standards


Recently it was announced that for the first time in over a decade Internet Explorers global market share has dropped below 60%.  Although in my personal experience the stats don’t reflect that, it is an important moment for web developers.  At one point in history (not long ago) when you asked most web developers what